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Lost 14.5lbs and 11.5 inches in just 6 weeks!

"Revolution Fitness Evolved and Ray helped me lose 35 lbs and be able to keep up with my 11 year old son. Ray takes the time to get to know you and your fitness goals. I recommend him and Revolution for all of your fitness needs."


Lost 18.5lbs, 14 inches and increased Fitness Score by 14 push-ups, 11 sit-ups and 14 squats in just 6 weeks!


Lost 50 pounds!

"Are you looking for real results when it comes to working out? Tired of those over-crowded gyms? Need to change up the old routine? I have the perfect solution it is Revolution- Fitness Evolved. My friend Ray is running the show! I've been working out with this guy for over a year and now I'm in the best shape of my life. You want real results show up to class!"


"I have tried dozens of other training methods, but none has changed my body the way Ray and Revolution fitness has. The trainers make working out both challenging and fun. I have never felt this strong or fit!"

Jean and Jojo

Jean lost 31 lbs and dropped 3 sizes!

Jojo lost 85lbs and 8 inches from his waist!


"Ray Chargualaf, Owner & Trainer at Revolution Fitness is simply AMAZING! I was looking for a place and trainer that could help me take my workouts to another level so I could get real results. I needed someone to push and motivate me. I got that push from Ray. His workouts turned into something that I was looking forward to doing. It became a habit for me. The more that I looked forward to my workouts, the harder I worked when I did them. I began to notice changes and so did the people around me. There were definitely days where I may not have wanted to put in as much effort as I could have, but Ray was always right there with his motivational words to keep pushing me harder and keep me motivated. Within just a few months, I lost weight, gained muscle and got stronger. My body totally transformed. Ray has given me the tools that I need to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Thanks to Ray at Revolution Fitness, fitness has become a huge part of my lifestyle."


*decreased 5 K run time by 8 mins
*decreased BMI from 27 to 24.5
*increased sit up and push ups
*gained more energy and muscle mass
*dropped two dress sizes

"Revolution is a great place to get your fitness goals in order. If you are looking for dedicated trainers, supportive members, and different workouts each day.....come out and see the gym! You will be hooked!"


Lost 35lb and 6 dress sizes!!!

"I met Ray about a year ago through my daughter. It was my New Year's Resolution to lose weight, get fit and healthy. I have always struggled with my weight, I could look at food and I would gain weight. I have tried just about every diet out there. I also did the traditional gym thing. I just never got the results that I wanted. Since I had started training with Ray back in April of 2012, I have lost "Five Dress Size's" and I now like what I see in the mirror. "Revolution" is not like any other Gym that I have been too, everyone is so supportive and encouraging no matter what fitness level you are at, you don't feel intimidated when you walk through the door, and you can even go at your own pace. I am now addicted and actually miss the gym and my new friends when I am not able to attend a class. If you want results you owe it to yourself to give "Revolution" a try, you won't be sorry. As Ray Says "Anybody can quit, don't be anybody"! And that's what I have decided to do, is not be just "Anybody" but be "Me"!"


"Revolution is simply the best gym in Las Vegas. With the help of all the trainers I am so much closer to my fitness goals. Revolution is the first gym I enjoy going to. I walk in and out with a smile on my face. Everyone there helps to motivate you and help you reach your goals!"


"Thanks to Revolution and its members, I found a fun and suitable routine I can enjoy. With the push from my cousin, I entered a revolution that I could never have done without the support from everyone, especially the Revolution staff for being awesome and supportive. Thanks to Damien, I have always had a goal every week to achieve. Damien has been there to look after me and has always been giving me a weight goal to reach each week. Setting goals really can make a difference and when you are successful, you get that awesome feeling of accomplishment. Since I started, I gained more confidence in myself and I just feel a lot better overall. I still have a long way to go but, my path is already set to go here at Revolution."


"This is not your ordinary gym. This is a place where people come together, friendships are built, and all in the name of getting healthier and staying fit! I have been to every type of workout facility, and Revolution is the only place, and form of working out I have stuck with. Are the classes intense? Yes! However, every class is different and every instructor puts their own spin on the routines, making it fun! There is no intimidation here, and you are always welcomed in to the Revolution FIT Family!"


Six Week Challenge Results:

+4 lbs
- 4% body fat
- 3 1/8 in off my waist
- 2in off my hip
+ 1/2in bicep
+ 1/2in thigh
+ 25 squats
+ 10 pull ups
+ 9 push ups
+ 4 sit-ups

Jan Michael

From 195lbs to 175.5lbs loss of 19.5 lbs

30% body fat to 22%.

What revolution has done for me is not only become physically stronger but mentally stronger as well. When you surround yourself with people who encourage you to get better, you can't help but build self-confidence. I haven't seen numbers like this since high school! Like any project, it is never done.


The first time I walked into Revolution Fitness Evolved it was on a Mix Monday where first timers can take free classes. My friend that gave me the heads up about it wanted me to do a double with her. By the end of only one class I felt like my head was literally going to explode from the Fit class. It was some of the hardest 40 minutes of my life. I had to bail on a second class.

The next morning I woke up and couldn't wait to do it again! I have never been consistent with any workout or exercise activity. That all changed the day I walked into Revolution. That was on February 3rd, 2014 and I have been going back ever since. I work out 4-6 days a week and I don't only do at least a double while I am there, I am now even able to knock out 3 classes in 1 visit! Fit, Kick Boxing, and Lift. My body really started changing when I added the Lift classes into my fitness routine. Ray and the other trainers have a truly vested interest in me and they care about my goals so they push me to new levels when I want to remain in my "safe comfort zone".

I consider the trainers and many of the other members a true fitness family. When I miss a day, I genuinely miss them. I look forward to working out at Revolution every day, and that is a huge change for someone like me who was basically a couch potato before I discovered it.

Not only is my body getting stronger, my inner strength is also graduating to new levels. I am doing things I never thought I would be able to do and I surprise myself all of the time with how far I have come. I have a new found confidence that makes me excited to get up every day.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a constant daily effort of will, discipline, dedication, determination and focus which we all owe to ourselves. I am not saying every day is easy, but like they say, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Every work out is always worth it!

There is no way I could ever give back what Revolution has given me, so the only thing I can do is keep at it and be an inspiration to others.

Jillian Socea

Started: March 1st, 2014
194 lbs.
1 fit class per week
44 inches at my widest

Current: April 30th, 2015
162 lbs.
5 fit classes a week since Jan 02, 2015
down 33 total body inches, 6 inches lost on my widest

Jeff Keo

Picture One: 260lbs over 35% bf
Picture Two: 190lbs 24% bf
Picture Three: 164lbs 14.7% bf

Revolution Fitness Evolved

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