are you ready for a Revolution?
Welcome to “The Revolution”- we are a distinctive brand of fitness that discovered a transformation in the fitness industry. Revolution-Fitness Evolved is a modest fitness center, founded by Ray Chargualaf whose commitment, passion, and vision has truly taken fitness toward its pinnacle. We have developed an innovative method of training with carefully structured programs that will maximize your fitness growth. Interactions with our compassionate trainers will provide members the opportunity to establish warm relationships, thus raising your level of comfort as you begin to develop with us.

Revolution is here to inspire each individual to reach their fitness potential. With target heart rate exercises and explosive movements, Revolution will test your vigor while leaving you wanting more! Our gym is established to illuminate the errors of today and educate individuals who want to train more efficiently. We offer diverse training programs daily, which include our F.I.T. class, cardio kickboxing, and events-specific training. “We don’t train longer. We train smarter.” 

We are committed to make your experience at Revolution a results-driven, engaging, and most importantly, enjoyable workout! As a member first facility, we not only want to meet your overall expectations but to exceed them. We want you to feel confident that you’re making the right decision for all your fitness needs. So the only thing that’s missing is YOU! Be stronger than your excuses.

Revolution Fitness Evolved

3065 East Patrick Unit 2
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120