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Revolution-Fitness Evolved presents:

Funds For Families

Friday November 21st
6:00pm - 9:00pm
at Revolution Fitness Evolved
3065 E. Patrick Ln. Ste 2

The Vegas Gems & Meccamee Damnce Group


All donations will go to rebuilding Hailyn Kennard's grandmother's house in Africa


We hope to give back to someone who has nothing, because she has given everything.

I am sure we all have someone in mind we could say the same about. Through events such as our Funds for Families, we are able to make a direct impact on the needs of those we can so easily connect with. Every penny donated will go towards our families in need.

This event will impact the life of a very special grandmother crippled by arthritis and debilitating back pain. Her name is Senknesh. Our dear friend Hailyn Kennard is asking that we help kick start essential projects to her grandmother's home in Ethiopia to enhance her quality of life through the very basic of accommodations.

Please join us for a FREE event in her honor!!! Enjoy FREE food, drinks, entertainment, Live DJs and most importantly, a great time!!! All we ask is that you make a donation of any amount to help our dear grandmother.

Please get to know our grandmother through Hailyn and her sibling's words:

We find ourselves hanging on to the one thing in this world that keeps us going. Our grandma. She is getting older, tired, and sick. She has crippling arthritis and debilitating pain, due to a slipped disk. The doctor has said she needs back surgery, but she would have to change her lifestyle of continuous bending/ squatting. Our grandma's home probably isn't anything you could imagine.

Her home is made from cow manure and barley holds it together. She does not have a stove, oven, fridge, let alone electricity, for that matter. Everything that's cooked in her home is done in the squatting position over a fire. Her bathroom is an outhouse. Having basic means such as a toilet and running water could benefit her substantially; she needs electricity, access to clean water and utilities. A place she is able to cook while standing upright, with the right tools. . .The basic needs we take for granted daily.

Plans are to start with a kitchen. Nothing fancy, but waist high counters and running water are where we would love to start. Any leftover proceeds will be used to continually support this effort in order to meet her needs and improve her quality of life. One step at a time,

No extremely rich individual could possibly smile more with all of their luxuries, than our sweet Grandma does while living in extreme poverty. She deserves just a little more. Thank you for considering our cause.

The Kennard Kids

Revolution Fitness Evolved

3065 East Patrick Unit 2
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120